AF-focus problems on Nex-6 and 18-200LE

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Re: AF-focus problems on Nex-6 and 18-200LE

JAndersB wrote:

My Nex-6 with 18-200LE seems to be faulty though. With AF-C and normal AF the camera finder is haunting focus even when focus is locked through pressing the reslease button. Pictures taken are sharp though but still very annoying.

That's the behaviour of AF-C mode without PDAF.

Yes, SEL18200LE lens are not compatible with AF phase detection on NEX-6 and NEX-5R. We will forward your request to Engineering Team.

I feel somewhat fooled by Sony marketing since I would not have bought the 18200LE if I would have knew that. I also read on the Sony-site that PDAF does not work in video mode??

Sony didn't advertise that PDAF works with the SEL18200LE, there is a firmware update for PDAF support for the more expensive non LE version (SEL18200). Unfortunately you didn't find this info prior to your purchase. If the lens is causing hangs and crashes, try returning it and get the non LE edition as replacement.

I haven't tried PDAF  with video mode on my NEX-6, perhaps someone can chime in on this?



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