Possible sensor defect X E1

Started Dec 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
njb311 Forum Member • Posts: 69
Re: Possible sensor defect X E1

I think that when people put up a question like that without including an example to show what they mean, it can easily come across as a trolling post. Especially when the title is implying something very widespread like "sensor defect", when even a cursory reading of the forum headings would show that nobody in fact has reported seeing this and neither has any of the host of reviews of the camera that I've read.

So, if you're unsure as you don't know what you're seeing yet, guessing that you've discovered some previously unnoticed hardware defect was probably not the first conclusion to suggest. How about sharing what exactly you are seeing, and adding a bit more info like whether it is present in every photo, or just certain conditions etc?

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