Users of the Sigma & Sony 50 f-14

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Re: Users of the Sigma & Sony 50 f-14

travelshots_dpr wrote:

I would choose the Sony. It performs well, is small and light, is already supported by AF-D of the new A99 and avoids all the compatibility and quality problems that Sigma lenses are known for.

The review of the Sigma (tested on Nikon FX) at Photozone does not look very promising:

This looks like an uncharacteristically bad review for the S50/1.4, so I bet either a bad copy, or wasn't corrected for BF/FF issues(micro focus adjust or send to sigma for calibration, which is typical of all fast lenses not just sigma brand).

Also many of the "cons" listed here are cons of virtually all fast 50's.

My Sigma does show a little focus shift(again common with fast lenses) so you have to dial in a micro focus adjust to hit a mid ground. This really shows up shooting test charts more than actual use though.

Kurt Munger's review has comparisons between the Sony and Sigma.

Here is a comparison of the Simga 50 to the Canon 50/1.2L

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