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tomoo1000 wrote:

Hi I have just upgraded to win 7 64x over the last 2 weeks

Upgrade? If you install ontop of your previous operating system or did you have the Win7 installation format your hard drive and then install?

"Upgrade" operating system installations are not recommended as it creates a lot of mess with the process. It is always recommended to install an OS on a cleanly formatted hard drive if not a completely new hard drive.

Hi it was a clean install on a new seagate 2t 7200 rpm hdd, I have booted up in safe mode and it starts in 30sec I tried it with just the start bits loading and it booted up fine then the PC started doing some thing and maxed out all 4 cores on the cpu and just froze the mouse until it had finshed what it was doing then it is fine.

I am going to uninstall all the updated back to the 14/10/2012 and see if that helps as it's starting to p*s me off now I may just go back to xp pro.


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Dear Phil,

Please don't go back to XP, it's not necessary to get a fast boot. I have a well established Win 7 64 bit desktop system with a variety of mainstream programs installed and from switch on it typically first reaches the Windows desktop in 30seconds which includes the time to type in my login password. It then continues to load all the bits and pieces I run routinely at startup and completes the main burst of hard drive activity in 50-60seconds from that initial switch on. My laptop also runs Win 7 and typically completes it's bootup to a stable desktop with most "hard drive" activity completed in just 30seconds from switch on. This is cheating a bit though as I have a solid state drive installed in the laptop. But the two together prove it's quite possible to have a fast booting system running Windows 7. Stick with it, you'll be much better off in the long run.

Jonathan Briggs

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