Users of the Sigma & Sony 50 f-14

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Re: Users of the Sigma & Sony 50 f-14

Gene Tenold wrote:

Looking into either of these 2 lenses to go on my a77. Checked on Dyxum and the 2 look pretty close, the Sony is about $100 less in the US. Any input?


I have used both, here is what I think:


Sharper from 1.4-2.0, usable at 1.4, sharp at 1.6 and below

Better control of aberration

Better bokeh

HSM = fast, quiet autofocus, more reliable AF as well(on a580 and a900)

Larger, heavier and more expensive

Sony/Minolta (optically the same lens)

Soft at F1.4, sharp at F2, past 2.8 the sharpness with these lenses is about the same

More CA, veiling haze, etc

AF is not as reliable (again on A580 and A900, may be different with A77, I've read some people have better luck with it on that camera)

Sensor reflection issues(this lens was designed for film cameras)

Smaller, lighter and less expensive.

For $100 extra the Sigma is a much better lens IMO, especially if the size/weight are not an issue for you. I kept the Sigma for the performance in the 1.4-2.0 range. The Sony is by no means a bad lens, but its a 25+ year old design and it shows. If you're shooting wide open a lot the Sigma shines.

If price is a big concern but you want a 50/1.4 consider picking up the:

Minolta 50/1.4 original $200-ish used on ebay

Minolta 50/1.4 RS (this has the same construction and rounded aperture blades as the Sony) for $250-ish

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