NEX-5N or SX50? What would you do?

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Re: NEX-5N or SX50? What would you do?

It took me a while to understand your dilemma.  It is really simple.   You have a good DSLR (T2i).  You have a good P&S (SX230).  You would like to try a something different and a bridge camera is appealing.  You would like to travel a bit lighter on the next vacation.

The Sony NEX5N pretty much overlaps the DSLR in IQ.  You already have a DSLR.   So you don't really need the NEX5N.

You have an SX230, so you already have a good gauge for what kind of IQ you will get out of the SX50.  (I  have an SX260 and its IQ is very similar to the SX40.)    I only use the SX260 when I don't want to carry around something the size of the SX40.    Otherwise, the SX40 is fun to use and satisfying to handle.  Great zoom, very effective image stabilzation -- even takes good pictures out the window of our car when we are going 70 mph on the freeway on those wide open spaces here in the southwest.  (My wife drives and the camera keeps me entertained and not munching unnecessarily on granola bars or whatever we packed for the kids.)

You kind of hate to spend that kind of money and be buying a camera that has less IQ than some other cameras of similar price.  But the sensor in the NEX5N is so much larger than the SX40/SX50 of course it has much better IQ, especially in low light.  But that is not really what is your main interest at this time.  You would like to travel lighter and see what you can get out of a bridge camera.

Assuming you find the SX230 to have good enough image quality, you should get the SX50.  You will have a good time with it on vacation.

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