Changing from Canon to Nikon, am I forgetting something?

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Re: I googled your statement, found no page that agreed with you. From the D700 manual:

sandy b wrote:

Flash Compensation (P, S, A & M modes only)

Flash compensation is used to alter flash output by from –3EV to +1EV in increments

of 1/3EV, changing the brightness of the main subject relative to the background.

Flash output can be increased to make the main subject appear brighter, or reduced

to prevent unwanted highlights or reflections.

Press theY button and rotate the sub-command

dial until the desired value is displayed in the control

panel. In general, choose positive values to make the

main subject brighter, negative values to make it


At values other than ±0.0, a

Y icon will be displayed

in the control panel and viewfinder after you release


Y button. The current value for flash

compensation can be confirmed by pressing the



Normal flash output can be restored by setting flash

compensation to ±0.0. Flash compensation is not

reset when the camera is turned off.

It's not in the manual.  And you won't see it on the settings before you shoot.  Check the settings after a shot, ie. with an evergreen tree background.  Sad stuff.

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