5D2+35/2IS or Fuji x100?

Started Nov 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
Photomonkey Senior Member • Posts: 1,995
If you go with the lens....

You will still be changing lenses on the one body you have. You can get a second body and mount the new lens on that or go for the compact camera.

IMO there is a bit too much obsessing over IQ. The differences are there but are slight and are almost invisible in prints except for peeper issues such as bokeh. One might even consider the Sony RX-100 if one is looking for a small, hi IQ camera. It just depends what you do with your photos. The examples of all the images we see are almost always very compromised web sized JPGs.

I have a 5Dmk2 and a Mk3 and I carry both with different lenses and it gets to be very tedious after a while. OTOH and fun walk with a small camera is an entirely different thing than a birding trip with the occasional snap of subjects of opportunity.

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