5D3 + 50L + Outer AF points = Much Sadness

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Re: Thanks.......

DFPanno wrote:

Appreciate your detailed post.

Note that I have no problems whatsoever with the center; all handheld.

If I use identical technique but utilize a lateral cross-type focus point it is always out of focus.

I'm pretty sure it is an equipment, not technique, issue.

Your advice remains very important to keep in mind in any case.

You are welcome. What you are saying definitely points in the direction of an equipment issue. Can you discern a consistent pattern in the misfocussing ? like for instance the same range of front focussing. Or is it random, back and front focussing ?

Do you have another wide aperture prime lens to test on your camera ? if so, does it display the same kind of behavior as the 50mm 1.2 ? Did you try different distance ranges, and noticed any difference in the focussing of the lens ? Do all outer focus points produce the same misfocussing ? In my experience, testing and recording all these details are a bit of a pain, but they greatly help the tech people in identifying and solving the issue. Of course, if you are within the return period of the lens, an exchange might be the easiest option. In my case, with the sigma 50/1.4, I was dumb enough to buy the lens and take it straight on a several month trip to Madagascar, where I put it through some pretty extrem shooting conditions, including the worst slums of the capital and remote wilderness with much dust and tropical humidity. Not to mention the brutal treatment that people and luggage receive in the collective taxis. After that, the lens had become a pretty unlikely candidate to any form of return policy ! Fixing it was the only option.

Anyway, if you have to get your lens fixed, make sure you make a refined and detailed description of the issue, along with copies of your test shots. Also insist on talking to the technicians themselves, not to the admin people of the tech center who often not only can't tell their left from their right but also drop the most important part of what you say in the transmission process to the tech people. Finally, do not accept the party line "some inaccuracy should be expected with wide aperture lenses". Simply not true. The 5DIII can be dead accurate with outer focus points and wide aperture lenses, including the 24/1.4 which is pretty demanding in that respect.

Best of luck, and keep us informed.

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