Which would improve image quality more, lens or camera body?

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My own little unscientific photo comparison test

OK, I just did my own little unscientific comparison tests using my Rebel 1000D with the kit 18-55 IS lens, the 55-255 IS and the 50mm prime which I believe is a mark I version as it was purchased back in 2003.  I also threw in a capture from my G15.  I used aperture priority and selected an aperture a step or two above the lowest the camera would go for the particular focal length.  I attempted to approximate a 50mm focal length with the G15 and 18-55 lens and used the lowest 55mm length for the 55-250 lens.  I didn't use a tripod but did rest the camera on the top of a chair.  Images were show in raw, with the Rebel 1000D processed with DXO Optics Pro default settings and the G15 with Canon DPP at default settings.

My unscientific conclusion is that the kit lens can hold it's own and I have been quibbling too much.  I think at least at the center, it's as sharp as the 50mm prime and noticeable sharper than the 55-250, at least when that lens is set for the lowest 55mm point.

100% crops are below along with a link to the originals.



50mm Prime

Canon G15

Link to originals.


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