NEX 6 with Zeiss 24mm is a great combo

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Re: NEX 6 with Zeiss 24mm is a great combo

Foniks wrote:

Yup just bought it - and it is a fantastic combo. I bought a Nex 5 when they first came out, but it's awful menu system combined with the fact mine was in Japanese put me off for a while. I gave that to my wife and continued with M43 for a while.

But I have loved the output I've seen from the Nex series, and there are some interesting lenses on the horizon. So I caved and bought the Nex 6 - and about a week later I found a Zeiss 24mm in stock (was lucky!). It handles great, and the menu system has been refined (and is easier to understand in english!) - Love it.

I'm with you on that one, I came from the NEX 5n. Great camera but the lack of buttons/dials made it difficult to quickly switch between settings. The NEX 6 answered all of my complaints with the 5n, slow-ish auto-focus, no hot shoe, no seperate shutter/aperture dials, and no built in EVF.

Did you here about the Zeiss lenses coming out next year? The 12mm 2.8 is going to be my next buy.

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