Breaking news or is it ? XZ2 price drop

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Re: Breaking news or is it ? XZ2 price drop

technic wrote:

tedandtricia wrote:

Average consumers will still shoot on auto mode. All the more reason they'll have to buy something with a good sensor and lens.

slick design, good sensor and good lens (i.e. high optical quality) are no problem for a cameraphone. Ergonomics is the big bottleneck, there is only so much you can do to make a phone into an effective photography tool, and for a tablet it is even worse. Usually this already starts with the lack of a real shutter button, lack of aperture, limited shutter time range, slow response, etc.

Good sensor? Perhaps compared to cheaper P&S cameras. But what about the higher end compacts?

And smart phones have a fixed lens. That's good for photos of your friends and really general landscapes. But for anyone with a passing interest in photography, I think they would demand the convenience of a zoom lens, not even mentioning the ability to use manual settings.

At the end of the day, every market has segments. Smart phones have definitely changed the landscape at the bottom end of the market. And that may represent a good portion of consumer sales, I don't know. But the mid and upper market are going nowhere. My household has two desktops, despite also having a laptop and a portable smart device. We have multiple cameras too. I think that's pretty typical of where the mid and upper market that has disposable income is headed. The market changes shape, but if there is a need that only a good pocket camera can provide, people will just pay up to have the extra power of that extra device when they need it.

I have enough trouble getting toddler pics with a real camera. Our ipod pics suck royally. There are at least 3 threads in the beginner forum in the past week, all about cameras for kid pics. So I just bought a new camera specifically to take kid pics. Surely there are many others like me.

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