How good is the 18-105 kit lense for the D7000?

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Re: How good is the 18-105 kit lense for the D7000?

mosswings wrote:

It's probably the best bang-for-buck lens in Nikon's DX lineup and sports a FL range that will cover 95% of all of your shooting needs. The next lens up in the Nikon stable is the 16-85 f3.5-5.6, which is built better, has better VR and AF motor, and a useful extension on the wide angle side of the range at the small expense of telephoto - but its image quality improvements over the 18-105 are small and fiercely argued. Once you get beyond these two, you have to go to primes or low-zoom-ratio fast glass to improve matters, at a dramatic hike in price, size, and weight.

Yes. I've found it to be a good match for my D90, and from the other posters here it sounds like it's a good match for the D7000, too.

But what I'd like to know is whether it will still hold up as a good lens on the new 24mp DX cameras - the D3200, D5200, and the rumored D7100 & D400. Thom Hogan has made noises about the 18-105 (and 18-55) being good for 12mp DX bodies but showing weaknesses with 24mp bodies ( but I'd like to gather some other opinions as well.

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