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Too much noise...

To my eye all the images exhibit far too much noise, not unusual with the HS cameras as my HS20 does the same thing if I shoot in RAW. Its something I discovered almost at the beginning of owning the HS20. Noise in RAW images PP'd and SOOC where unacceptably noisy. This was mitigated to a certain extent by having the camera in 8mp mode in either EXR or non EXR settings, but it became evident early on that these cameras don't do well in RAW, especially above ISO 400.

They perform much better in the EXR modes.If you shoot in lowlight with these cameras, noise is guaranteed as they , like the HS10 really only perform to their best in moderate to bright light. I've taken over 40,000 images now with the HS20 and less than 1% of those were RAW, because of noise issues and the fact that there really is little difference between the RAW and Jpeg images. My advise: stay away from RAW, these are primarily EXR shooters.

By comparison, shutter priority, Jpeg @ ISO 400, large image size (16Mp)

The amount of noise I'm seeing from the HS30 ( not just yours) suggest RAW isn't always a good option as IQ definitely suffers. It one of the main reasons I still have the HS20 - no gain in sensor performance. In fact from where I stand it looks to me like the HS20 may actually have a quieter sensor. They changed the sensor array in the HS30 to give less noisy images at ISO 3200 but I think its at the cost of IQ at lower ISO.

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