Sofia street shots with OMD and Pany 25, Oly 45, 75... Your comments and critics are wellcome..

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Re: Sofia street shots with OMD and Pany 25, Oly 45, 75... Your comments and critics are wellcome..

Airless wrote:

You seem to be suggesting that the decision of whether to render a picture in color or B&W has no bearing on whether it is "good" or not. Or in other words, that color is irrelevant. I hope this is not your point of view, because it is ludicrous.

No, I only say that a good picture is a good picture, and can be good with or without colour.

The Op posted in B&W because it is what he wanted.

Someone argued that he destroyed the picture. He insisted various times.

Sorry, misinterpretation. My fault. But as destroying the colour made them uninteresting, I wrongly concluded you were saying he destroyed the picture.

What I said was that he destroyed the color information, and in the process made the pictures uninteresting TO ME. He solicited critique, I supplied it. I on the other hand did not ask others to debate (nor did I ask them not to), but they did so anyway. So if anyone suggests that I should not be stating my position on the relative merits of color vs B&W, they are applying a double standard.

Pretty clear uninteresting  TO YOU.

Many replied that they liked the B&W picture, that they didn´t think the pics were destroyed at all.

Nobody disagreed with my claim that the color information was not destroyed, except the one person who just argued the semantics of what constitutes "color," but clearly there is consensus that the pictures' original color is completely gone.

Well now think that all the arguing about destroying the colour was only in our imagination, as the OP stated that the pics were taken in monochrome.

Someone insisted again that the pics were destroyed....

That´s it. No need to go further.

This is not Colour Knicks vs B&W Lakers.

It's about color, which is an important element in any image when it is present, vs lack of color.

Well, as colour wasn´t present in the image, no need to argue if it was important or not.

And definitelly it was Colour Knicks vs B&W Nuggets. TO YOU.

Well, apart from practicing my english writing and having amusement in my breaks (I am working this weekend and missing photographs) I think that FOR ME this discussion is in a dead end.

But anyway my respect for defending your position and if I offended you or someone (a bit sarcastic sometimes) I apologise because It was not my intention.

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