Why the .5s?

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Re: Why the .5s?

ConanFuji wrote:

bruxi wrote:

More of a response to the suggestions earlier in the thread that a photo should start by getting a 2.5 for meeting the criteria, and the score should build from there. I think that is not how most people are naturally thinking when they vote. As much as they may be told equally consider the challenge theme as a voting criteria, they are human, and will vote with their hearts, not their heads when looking at an image. I just don't see this changing. If you are wondering why people gave your photo a 0.5, I would speculate that it's not cheating or anything underhanded, they just really didn't like it.

I didn't vote nor view the entries. But when I saw your post, my first reaction was ... 'that's a bit creepy sneaking in on someone having a private moment.' But I do agree that the challenge calls for that, so I wouldn't vote 0.5 for it. Technical and image quality wise, it was very good.

I think the problem with this photo is that there's half a face showing, and also not much of body language to compensate for the lack of facial expression.

That doesn't mean that aufinger is a bad photographer. This type of photography is not easy, and most of the times you won't get the shot like you want it, unless you're very bold.

Reminds me of this shot of mine a few years back...

It could have been good, if it weren't for that log in front of the girl and some other distractions, but it's bad. If I had the guts to shoot from the other side, it would probably be better... but i don't.

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