Im buying a new camera and I really need advice.

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Re: High school rich kids...

I have to agree with Justin here, BAK: That was a pretty unnecessary attack.

First of all, I've never been 'rich', but I've managed to save lots of money in order to make investments in my interests. In high school, I managed to save thousands of dollars so I could pay for a high-end desktop that I built from carefully selected parts, including a monitor and studio speakers. I did it again in college to pay my way through without loans, and I'm doing it again on my fairly-median salary as a university employee to pursue photography. You don't have to be rich, just smart with money.

Secondly, it was pretty obvious from the get go that, while not a 30 year professional, Justin is no dummy. I think he knows what he wants, which is why I think the smart thing to do is bring his lens collection to a store and try out the cameras he's considering. Blindly accusing him of being a know-nothing who's aim in life is to mimic the style of a famous photographer (BTW: I have no idea who any of those photographers you referenced are, and I honestly don't care because I'm not trying to follow in someone else's footsteps) is not very constructive.

Perhaps you can take a more positive attitude into account next time and maybe contribute something useful rather than aggressively demeaning another person who you arbitrarily consider to be lesser than you.

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