SX50 HS Immortalizes the S&W BODYGUARD 380... Locked

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Re: SX50 HS Immortalizes the S&W BODYGUARD 380...

jakesan wrote:

Butor wrote:

My "narrowmind" has never killed anyone

Can't wait for some to post pics of their favorite axes...


To (and with) rational individuals cameras, guns, and axes are civilized hobbies:

  • Is a typical photographer equivalent to a child pornographer?
  • Is a target shooter equivalent to a gun-murderer?
  • Is a competition lumberjack equivalent to Lizzy Borden (axe murderer)?
  • ...

Please don't let your personal bias/predjudice color those you do not know.

Very well put jakeson...

It's best that we just ignore those who are biased against guns. Their bias has no place in this thread.  They are just trying to stir up controversy...

People really should learn proper habits for civil discussion.  If you don't have something constructive to say, don't say anything at all...

Back on topic...

R Johns, nice shots.
They nicely show what the SX50 can do for "marketing" types of shots.

Yes, this camera has some good capabilities, when used under controlled circumstances.  Now that I am convinced this is a camera worth keeping, I am looking forward to getting a CP filter and lens hood.  The shots I posted would have been much better, if I had those accessories.



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