Help! - SD Card shows 2.35 GB used but photo shoot can't be found

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Kevin Omura
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Re: Help! - SD Card shows 2.35 GB used but photo shoot can't be found

Hopefully Sherman's programs will help you find the missing pix. I'm sure you know not to try and write anything else to the card as it sounds like the cards directory is damaged and therefore not pointing to the location of your photos.

Just on a different note, I try not to pass a card around to different cameras though in your case we are talking about the same manufacturer and models that are pretty close together in terms of release dates.

Usually passing around a card means each camera creates it's own folder in the DCIM folder but in your case that doesn't seem to have happened or got corrupted some how. I did that with an FZ20/FZ50/FZ10 the other day but typically use a separate card for each camera and format that card in the camera and not the computer before using it the first time.

Hopefully you can recover them.

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