Sony A580 Best Low Noise Crop DSLR in Sony Line up?

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Re: Sony A580 Best Low Noise Crop DSLR in Sony Line up?

penndragonn2001 wrote:

I've been hearing that the Sony A580 is THE best Crop Sensor in the Sony Line Up. Is this true? I have The Sony A550, is it that much better to warrant a upgrade?

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The a580 would be a very very slight upgrade in terms of sensor performance. It is true that the A580 is Sony's best APS-C dslr when it comes to high ISO noise. But the difference in real world between the A550 and A580 isn't huge.

What I would consider upgrades are:

A77 - more features, better ergonomics and controls, high res sensor but noise performance on par with your a550

A850/A900 - FF sensor, slightly better high iso, better ergonomics and controls

The A580 would be a good idea if you want to keep with essentially the same camera body style but get a little better IQ and video mode. Otherwise stick with your A550 and spend your money on lenses.

I've used the A550(purchased for family member), a560 and a580(both of which I own) and if you're not doing video the real world differences between these cameras are slim to none.

I wouldn't really consider any of the A5X SLTs a significant upgrade either, IQ is about the same but you gain video(like a580) but lose OVF and gain EVF(subjective). But it really depends on what you want out of an "upgrade".

I just upgraded from the A580 to an A900, sensor performance wise this was pretty much a latteral move for me(a900 is half stop better). Features wise it was a downgrade(no live view, video, etc). Ergonomics, af performance(more reliable, micro AF), general "look" of images(FF sensor with narrower DOF), lens selection, Viewfinder quality, etc it was a huge upgrade.

So really I would decide what features are important to you, then your upgrade path should be obvious.

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