SX50 HS Immortalizes the S&W BODYGUARD 380... Locked

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Re: SX50 HS Immortalizes the S&W BODYGUARD 380...

Butor wrote:

My "narrowmind" has never killed anyone

Can't wait for some to post pics of their favorite axes...


To (and with) rational individuals cameras, guns, and axes are civilized hobbies:

  • Is a typical photographer equivalent to a child pornographer?
  • Is a target shooter equivalent to a gun-murderer?
  • Is a competition lumberjack equivalent to Lizzy Borden (axe murderer)?
  • ...

Please don't let your personal bias/predjudice color those you do not know.

Back on topic...

R Johns, nice shots.
They nicely show what the SX50 can do for "marketing" types of shots.

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