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Thanks for your comments

WeddingEtCetera Com wrote:

DMC-GH3 The Alexandre III Bridge Paris

I discovered the DMC-GH2 to spring, 2011 after having the DMC-GF1 which remains for me one of the best cameras never had. The DMC-GH2 is compact and gets a video image widely superior to my "old" camcorder HVR-Z5 Sony. Only the audio is the poor part of the Camera. I realized numerous Documentaries or institutional Movies with it.

Today, the DMC-GH3 is very present. I have already had the opportunity to use it with a preserie one month ago. I was then rather septic by comparing the images with regard to the DMC-GH2. I saw not many differences.

If you have used a GH3 before its commercial debut, presumably this was with firmware version 0.5; possibly some of the issues you raise (such as audio out levels) will be resolved in future firmware releases.

The holding in hand is really in improvement. We are close to the one of a Dslr as Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc. On the contrary, Panasonic has the measles, there are buttons everywhere, the famous Fn. Some are rather badly placed like the one dedicated to the WiFi. Situated near the trigger, it is not rare to engage it by mistake.

There may be two possible solutions here:

  1. Take more care when handling the camera.
  2. Tape a protective cover over the button.

For my very great disappointment, the DMC-GH3 is not Pal and Ntsc like it was announced or like that is presented in Panasonic Brochure. The DMC-GH3 is only Pal or Ntsc according to the continent where it is sold. Only the reading is commutative in Pal or Ntsc. It is really a less for me. Most of my Clients in Europe come from Usa, Japan, etc. A Transcoding always degrades an image in contrario of a shooting and an editing in Native. It also causes jerks on the panoramic or zoom. If in most of the Countries, the DVD readers are Pal and Ntsc, you should not forget that most of the DVD readers in Usa and in Japan are only NTSC.

I suspect that this is Panasonic's naivety when it comes to international sales. Inexperienced companies in this regard tend to think they can divide and rule so that cameras for one market cannot be used in another. The only short term solution is to buy another camera body in North America or Japan and pay your government for the privilege of importing it. This way you will also get round the 30 minute continuous video recording limit on cameras sold in the EU. You will also avail yourself of lower prices since Panasonic is still so naive to think that it can charge rape and pillage prices in Europe compared to North America.

Take care to th screen at the back of the DMC-GH3, it tends to glorify the Images. No, what is read does not correspond to what will be recorded. The Editing with the All-Intra Mode is difficult. Everything is really Heavy, load. Even with a Mac Pro 8 Hearts with Final Cut Pro 7.03 or Final Cut Pro X.

Certain details irritate. If it is easy to place a Battery in the Charger, it is more difficult to remove it from it. But the most irritating concern the Headphone plug. It is badly placed. As soon as a headphone is connected to the DMC-GH3, the screen is not directional any more. The audio Level is not equivalent to that stemming from a Camcorder. The control Sound is not obvious.

The lack of thinking in the placement of the headphone socket suggests that despite Panasonic's desire to appeal to professional videographers they really intend this camera for the amateur marketplace.

I thanks Images Photo Paris for their Advises and Panasonic Europe for their Answers to my Questions. On the contrary, I do not thank Panasonic France for their Silence which curls the Contempt. When we are independent Journalist and when we used the DMC-GH2 in a professional way since Mars 2011, we are entitled to another quality of Service. Sony Pro is more… Professional.

See above. I do not think that this was ever intended to be a professional product despite its professional level pricing in Europe.

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