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Re: Compose w/EVF, auto review image on LCD

I was trying to figure out how to compose with the EVF and have the LCD blank except for auto-review (unless the info or playback button is pushed). I wish the E-M5 had a better way to do that than indicated by this post.

Anyone find another way?

Bob Tullis wrote:

It's a little quirky, but it works. . .


Wrench (Settings), Rec View = Auto
Cog-J (Built In EVF), EVF Auto Switch = On

I'm set up to use the EVF with the LCD screen blank.

. Press button on right side of EVF to make the EVF the primary display.
. Press Info repeatedly until the LCD screen is blank

When I take a shot and keep my eye at the EVF, the review displays in the EVF momentarily, then switches to show up in the LCD. Removing the camera from the eye, the review remains. To shoot again, look through the EVF (the review on the LCD ends as you get back the LV in the EVF). If you just want to blank the EVF, hold the camera close to the body or put a thumb near the EVF for the sensor to detect).

The key here, I believe, is not to remove your eye from the EVF before the review shows up in the EVF. If you drop the camera from your face before you see the review in the EVF, neither the EVF or the LCD will display (they'll both remain blank).

Using the .5, 1, 3, etc. second review setting will not allow this operation, the Rec View must be set to Auto.

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