Image Quality: Is newer better?

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Re: Image Quality: Is newer better?

Really depends on the particular camera IMHO. In some cases there could be a major feature or set of features added to a camera that would make it a stand out. For example the Panasonic FZ200 which has gone back to a 25-600 constant f2.8 lens. :^P

In your case you have a couple of things happening, you really liked your old Canon so perhaps the smart thing to do since you are so familiar with it is to find a good condition used one either online or at a local camera store.

One thing I'm not sure of is what is your comfort level in terms of size. Is something a bit larger such as a used Canon Pro1 within limits or are we talking about something really nice and pocketable such as the Canon S100 or perhaps something with more zoom like the Panasonic ZS10?

Based on what you are saying I have a feeling you might want to check out a used Pro 1 if you can find one at a decent price. It does have L glass, has the ability to use EOS EX flashes

Maybe even the EOS M if you have EOS DSLR gear? Granted what you gain in size from the body you loose back to the size of the standard M lenses.

Like the guy in the deli, I feel like saying "everything is good" these days so it may just boil down to size, features and cost.

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