B&H Webpage flaws, bad costumers services and other spices.

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There is no pleasing some people.  The Internet can be a great tool, but it also can be abused by someone trashing a company to thousands of potential customers  for no valid reason.

For the OP, how about this version of what occurred!!!  I want to comment on my recent positive experience with B&H.   I ordered a lens from B&H and they shipped the item immediately.  I realized that I screwed up and ordered the wrong lens and when I contacted customer service the next morning they did everything they could to stop the shipment even though it was my fault.  Unfortunately they were unable to stop the shipment, because it had already been transferred to the shipper because of their super ffast shipping process and the lens was delivered to my home.  B&H worked with me and sent me a pre-paid return label to return the lens to them so they could ship the correct lens to me at absolutely no additional cost to me.  I cannot believe how fast B&H ships their products and how nice they were to make sure their was no additional cost to me even though it was my screw up.  I eagerly await the delivery of the correct lens and want to thank B&H for correcting my mistake and taking every step to make sure I receive the lens I should have ordered in the first place in a timely manner.  Thank you B&H

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