So how responsive is the G-15 shutter? (plus ruggedness question)

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Re: So how responsive is the G-15 shutter? (plus ruggedness question)

The shutter lag of the G15 is noticeable at times.  I take pictures for a church social events a few times a year and at the last one brought my G15 to see how much it could replace my aging Rebel DSLR.  While the focusing was generally quick enough and much quicker than previous Canon compacts I've used, I found the shutter lag caused me to miss quite a few shots, particularly of the moving kids that the DSLR would grab.

ELOJR wrote:

The dcresource review gives no spec on shutter lag, yet, does state that it is "not noticeable." I'm not aware of a compact non-interchangeable camera to-date that doesn't have noticeable shutter lag so either (1) my knowledge is incomplete, (2) the G15 really does have no noticeable shutter lag or (3) what this reviewer considers not noticeable, I - and others - would/might.

Without a specific number spec for the G15 vs. previous power shots there's no way to know for sure nor is it possible to verify that the G15's performance in this respect is indeed "above average."

I have the G10 and shutter lag is definitely noticeable to the extent that taking candid shots is a real hit-or-miss affair with a very low percentage of images that capture the moment I wanted to preserve.

I'm keeping my G10 until I find out if this (for me) problematic area has been improved in the G15.

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