G15,....First Impressions

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G15,....First Impressions

My G15 arrived two days ago and we're just getting acquainted. Haven't used the viewfinder much, but it seems adequate for my purposes. This feature was important to me and I'm not disappointed. I'm aware that it's not 100% coverage but cropping will take care of that.

Size matters and the G15 fits my shirt pocket, yet it's large enough to grip and use easily, even with gloves on. I'm still getting used to button locations but they all seem logically arranged.

Default setting for digital zoom was "standard", which means 4X digital is available. I accidentally zoomed to full 20X when testing the video. If you haven't tried this, you might want to. I think you will be surprised. You can limit digital zoom to zero, 1.5X, 2X, or standard (full). You can set separate limits for stills and videos.

Continuous shooting is not very impressive but could be useful. However, the HS full frame burst found in SCN is a nice feature, though you have no control of settings. In my test, I found it kept shutter speed high, 1/1000, and cranked the ISO up to 500. I'm glad it defaults to higher shutter instead of lower ISO. IQ of the pictures was excellent and they were all in focus.

This is my first Canon since my trusty old A710 but now I remember the excellent color of Canon JPEGs SOOC, I prefer the Vivid setting but that's just a personal choice.

The menu is logical. The PDF manual is okay, though I'd prefer a printed copy.

Handling is great. The camera can easily be used for stills and video with one hand. Some have reported accidentally pressing the video button but that hasn't been a problem for me. I have had the problem of moving the zoom switch when I mean to use the front control wheel. Familiarity will take care of that with a little more use.

The lens? Well, I find it amazing, as advertised. It's the first lens I've had that could be used indoors w/o flash. The camera will tell you when flash is required. The flash seems fine when needed.  I find the lens to be sharp through it's entire range. That impression is to the naked eye. I don't pixel peek.

My camera came in a bundle with the Lowepro Rezo 60 pouch. It fits fine but I found it also fit in my smaller Rezo 50. I have a lanyard on my G15. I doubt it would fit the smaller bag with the Canon neck strap attached.I like these bags for their ease of attachment to the belt and their security.

There are lots of comparisons made between the Sony RX100 and G15. Since I use Sony DSLRs, I tried to like the RX100 with it's larger sensor, panorama, smaller size etc. I'm sure it's a great camera for most users. I chose the G15 for it's slightly larger size and especially the optical viewfinder.

The G15 is a solid performer, well built and fun to use.


Canon PowerShot G15 Sony RX100
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