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More trolling?

PhotoKhan wrote:

Rick Knepper wrote:

Check out what the reviewer said regarding:

"A good lens to me stands up in tough conditions, and one of those is shooting directly into your light source. I found the Canon 24-70 f/2.8 L II handled itself better than most, and produced some great contrasty images other, lesser, lenses would have completely blown out."


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Now, that is impressive...Why would Lenstip say "weak performance against bright light", then...?...Confused...

Wooohoo! So you do really need lenstip to be right, don't you! First you claim Photozone to have the same issues with this new, super sharp lens. I show that simply is not the case, and you do not react to that.

Now, when someone shows the other point photozone does not test against is not really true, you sure need it to be true again. Damn, you are acting silly....

(Could it be that we are in shoddy QA realm, again?)

Dude, stop acting so nonsensical. How on earth could "QA" influence this? Forgetting to apply coatings to lens elements? Stop being so silly.

Someone already showed the lens did not have the price hike you imagine. And you just refuse to understand currency inflation there. Now this. And you still did not respond to my post about how photozone did NOT have the same cons as lenstip did.

And why I call it trolling? Because that is what you seem to do. On purpose state things that are false, to provoke reactions.


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