Canon telephoto Funny but serious question

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Re: Canon telephoto Funny but serious question

On response to the replies

For the reason I wanted long reach telephoto primarily, I am leaning towards the Tamron. I did consider a used f4 L 70-200 IS to weigh it out, but not sure about used lenses . I assumed if it was fine, it'd probably still hold some value to resell if need be. But I might be talking about a multiplier and a better tripod to accommodate the canon L, further raising the price as well.

That and I am only using a T3i ? Justified?

I don't want to stray from original question, but I did have a curiosity about used Canon L lenses. Worst case scenario repair costs? What's first to check for, the AF motor? (scratches obviously). What seems difficult is if you've never used the lens, you might not know the difference between normal and abnormal sounds.

Decisions, decisions..

I'm not dead set on the Tamron, but leaning towards because of the 300mm far-end, and is less expensive

Edit: Other things that come to mind. I do like to hit up the sky at night. And macro shots are a plus. The Tamron does have semi-macro capabilities making it a bit more desirable it seems.

Thanks again

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