Help! - SD Card shows 2.35 GB used but photo shoot can't be found

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Another incorrect assumption by me...

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

I'm sure you meant no harm. I'm just trying to help you to not cause any. Thanks for listening.

Based on other posts of yours I have read and the way your original post was worded, I assumed these missing LX7 shots were test shots taken with a new-to-you LX7.

With a new camera, or lens for that matter, I always just make test shots for at least the first two or three days as I already have equipment for 'keepers'. My apologies to you if this was not the case with this LX7.

I also have multiple DSLR's and an XZ-1 for my daughter, along with multiple SD cards. Because I have found moving cards from camera to camera can sometimes be problematic, I ALWAYS follow this procedure:

Connect the camera to my computer via a USB cable, upload the photos to my computer, wait until those photos have been uploaded to my cloud storage, then format the card in the camera. After the card format, I can leave the card in that camera or remove it. If I remove the card, I will format it in whichever camera I next place it.

Hope that helps.


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