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I'm paranoid then....
That's certainly not you, Schwany...

Well, I'm usually in trouble so I just figured...

The troll comment in regard to you was out of line, and ridiculous. It's been years since I've read any content that follows troll in a subject line, so I have no idea where those went.

I thought some more about your position regarding Canon L lenses of this caliber, and I  somewhere inside feel the same. It should be better, and there really should not be all this sample variation. I'm just too lazy to do anything about it other than not buy one.

As a generally satisfied Canon camera user, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place if I want that focal length constant aperture zoom. I like the way those lenses are built, so I sort of gravitate toward Canon. I'm also too lazy to find out if anything is any better. Optically, I think one has to go to an MF prime to do much better, or shoot with a .6 crop camera and only use 40% of the image circle, but the price if the lens is 60% too high then. That lens is probably not bad on the APS-H sensor, but I don't use that sensor for wide angle anymore. Can't win, so I'm stalled on that one.

Anyway if that lens got all high marks from the preview review sites, my guess is it would retail for about $4500. The next step up in performance is the pro cinema stuff and those lenses are off the charts crazy expensive.

I'm trying to be supportive, but not doing a good job.

Enjoy your winter holidays.

PhotoKhan wrote:


(PS: I actually try to avoid the "fanboism" classification, unless it is blatantly obvious. I tend to put the "fanboy" in the same bag as the "troll" epithet. Usually, they are usually evoked just to try to suppress diverging opinions)

Good call, that makes sense.

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