Nikon 135mm f2

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Bernard Delley Contributing Member • Posts: 869
Re: Nikon 135mm f2 nice demo of extreme DC

showing a very sharp portrait already at full aperture. DoF is about +- 16 mm only for this image shown at 1200 pixel size. So the nose tip is already out of focus.

Image 2 shows an extreme setting of R5.6 at aperture f2 resulting in a dreamy appearance  because of strong SA similar to early photographies with the high tech Petzval lenses of the time. Interesting that the eye reflex light remains so sharp.

Of course the lens allows a continuous control of SA from almost perfect in image 1 to slightly beyond the setting in image 2. Also an equally strong opposite SA is possible with setting F5.6.  A standard setting to optimally tune  the bokeh appearance of highlights to the rear would be R2 for aperture f2. This standard setting would only have a very subtle effect for the face.

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