Nikon D4 16MP ridiculous!

Started Nov 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Nikon D4 16MP ridiculous!

garyhgaryh wrote:
I don't think you realize that if the D4 is shooting at least 8fps, then if you just updated the D4 sensor to 36MP, it'll shoot a little less then 4fps. We're talking about twice as much data and saying the D800 is slow pretty much says you're clueless because it's just as fast as the D4 in saving data to the card, except the d800 seems slower because it has to handle twice as much data.

The D4 is actually moving more data with 176 MP/s vs 144 MP/s on the D800, but what's more important: on the D4 on CH with an S-Series XQD card you can press the shutter and the camera will fire 11 fps for pretty much as long as you press the shutter, while the D800's burst will come to an end within a couple of seconds even though it's moving 20 percent less data.

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