Used Mac Pro vs tricked out Mac Mini i7

Started Dec 1, 2012 | Discussions thread
PhotoPhil007 Forum Member • Posts: 83
Re: Used Mac Pro vs tricked out Mac Mini i7

I have the i7 mini (2.6Ghz) with 16G and a fusion drive and that thing is quite fast.  I went the single 27" monitor route (no room for two 24") but the mini shouldn't have an issue driving two 24" (I do it with my rMBP with no issues through TB/MDP and HDMI).  You will have to connect one to the TB/Mini DisplayPort and the other to the HDMI output.  You will "lose" your TB port in the process unless you get peripherals that can daisy-chain, in which case you plug the monitor on the last port.  You can also use USB3 which while not as fast as TB is still pretty fast.

You might want to do a bit of research on wide gamut.  I don't think the HDMI port will drive wide gamut (I could very well be wrong) so you would only have one monitor in that mode.

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