Continuous shooting modes configuration

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Continuous shooting modes configuration

Hello all,

Yesterday evening I spent quite some time trying to figure out which settings influence the speed of the continuous shooting modes and by how much.
If I explain some settings it's to make it understandable to people like me using a "complicated" camera for the first time. In my case it's a Nex-6.

My objective is to switch from casual shooting to burst shooting without having to remember too many settings which I'd also have to spend time configuring.
Also, wanted to know how to have continuous shooting with recalibration of focus and exposure if desired.

So, let's start with my default setup (this is personal, but it's the combination I find the easiest for now), assuming camera is in Manual mode:
- select "AF-C" (continuous autofocus) for "Autofocus mode" setting [prerequirement: "AF/MF Select" setting must be set to AF]
- then set "AF/MF Select" to DMF as default (on a side note: why would anyone prefer AF to DMF?)
- "AEL w/shutter" setting set to ON; this locks exposure when the shutter is half pressed; if set to OFF, exposure continuously recalibrates as conditions change also while shutter is pressed
- quality of pictures set as desired, in my case RAW+JPEG
- "Drive mode" option set to "Continuous shooting"; so you can take pictures continuously while keeping the shutter down; don't know why anybody would like to limit the possibilities to only one photo (single shooting)

Starting from this setup, to get a 10 photos/second burst (or more) the things to change are:
- change the drive mode to "Speed priority continuous"
- quality of pictures shouldn't be RAW+JPEG; set to FINE or RAW or you get something like 7 fps
- make sure ISO speed is max 1600 (variable value?); over this, I've noticed a slowdown to 8 fps
- other settings which might affect this which I didn't try yet are lens distortion and noise reduction; I have both activated for now

Say you want instead continuous shooting with exposure and focus recalibration (much slower, slightly faster than 1 fps), set the following starting from standard:
- "autofocus mode" set to AF (autofocus, no DMF), now this will continuously refocus (due to other setting on AF-C)
- "AEL w/shutter" set to OFF; this will continuously meter exposure while keeping the shutter down
- drive mode would already be on "continuous shooting"

To me it seems that the main difference between Speed priority shooting and continuous shooting is the capability to autofocus (if enabled); in my tests, speed priority would autofocus only if it had the time (= when the buffer was full so shooting slowed down), continuous shooting would always refocus. When autofocus and exposure metering are disabled I don't know why speed priority is much faster, looks like continuous shooting is artificially capped.

A setting I didn't test yet is the Sports action scene. Perhaps somebody can tell me in which scenario that fits for me, what is automatically triggered with that, or if it has additional features.

Suggestions and corrections accepted, thanks!

Sony Alpha NEX-6
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