Off to greener pastures .... this place is full of non-photographers

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Bruce Bracken
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Here's where you got your own expectations wrong

"To be perfectly frank, what he showed me put 99% of you gearheads on this forum to shame."

This website/forum's focus isn't interviews with professional photogs (let me guess, you just hate it when someone uses the word "photog"), nor is the main focus portfolio reviews - the main focus of this website is gear. The reason why there are so many gearheads on this website/forum talking about gear instead of showing images is because the very purpose of this website is to discuss, in very finite and granular levels if wanted, the hardware, and even the images, in a technical manner, produced by that hardware. Sure, aesthetics are also discussed, and there even exists a separate forum for sharing images, but that's not what the main staple of this website is about, and that is certainly not what the main focus of this particular forum is for.

If you are looking for a website and forum where you can share and critique images with other photographers, then great, but this isn't it. You first need to learn how to differentiate content focus of websites and forums before incorrectly setting your own expectations. Internet savvy 101. Coming to a gear/hardware website and complaining that people aren't discussing the subjective aesthetics of individual photos is a flawed line of thinking.

You aren't looking for greener pastures; you are looking for different pastures.

On a side note, it really gets tiring reading posts from people who are insecure with their station in photography in that they need to somehow define professional and amateur levels of photographers to fit whatever agenda they are covering in their rant. Anyone can apply any number of random criteria to these definitions to somehow turn an amateur into a professional, and vice versa.

Personally, I've been shooting stills and video for the past 20'ish years, and I make a good living at it. I've never sat around and wondered if I'm "pro" or not - I just don't care. I simply do it, and I enjoy it. I'm not interested in what photographer status level some person might assign to me.

If you care that much about it, then you should print up personal business cards that say, "zomg I'm leet photog!@" - heck, add that line to your future forum sigs - I'm sure it'll make a lot of difference in the results of your photography, since that seems to be what you are concerned about, right? Although, that seems weird since you didn't post any links to your personal galleries in your profile section. I'd think someone who is so obnoxiously gung-ho (yeah, I read through a number of your other posts) about discussing images instead of gear would be the first to step up and start sharing personal images. But that, obviously, just isn't you. From what I have read, you neither want to share images, nor talk about gear. Your posts are primarily argumentative and trollish.

So, on that note, good luck with your "greener" pastures.

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