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rondom wrote:

cristian, because you have all the four: would you be kind enough to test (or simply confirm by words) if the 4 addresses the high iso banding issue of the 3...and overall any comments on IQ of 4 vs 3? i see that you haven't found the time to scrutinize the latest GRD in the manner that you have the previous models: i wonder if that's because you don't think the IQ of 4 adds anything? after all the 3 and 4 share the same sensor.

I am planning a review on the GRD IV (and the GXR A12-M and the Asus Transformer as a travel device and so on...) but due to a lack of time and the days being quite short at the moment I did not get round to do this in a proper manner.

The good news is that I can't see any banding at any ISO on the GRD IV and think the image quality is overall better than the GRD III, not a lot due to the same sensor but without the banding it is more usable in low light.

As a camera the GRD IV is the most complete GRD and offers functions I really like so I think it's the GRD to go for if you shoot colour, for b&w and unique character in colour the GRD I is still the best in my view.

I will post more in my review about the GRD IV as soon as I have the time to do a proper review (will not be a 8 part review like the GRD III review though).

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