What happened to the forum?

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Re: What happened to the forum?

Thanks for all the comments, glad you guys like the pictures.

F Stop Fitzgerald wrote:

As for me, I believe these forums can be about whatever the posters want them to be. This can be about Ricoh cameras, photography made with Ricoh gear or about discussing and complaining about the Ricoh company.

I think it's important for the forum to be exactly what people want it to be but it's also important not to lose focus on why we actually use Ricoh products in the first place.

So since I seem to be addicted to using various lenses on the GXR, I like to photo posts here when I get a new lens, primarily because if shows people outside the core group what the Ricoh cameras and various lenses are capable of doing. I'm sorry to say that I have another lens coming for my GXR in a few days and I will start another thread about that ASAP!

I like seeing threads with different lenses on the GXR and think this is one of the best things about this because it highlights photos but also shows some lenses I would otherwise not know or see how they perform on the GXR. Your Canon FD 24mm f1.4 lens thread is very interesting as it's a lens I did not know about before and am now quite interested in.

Anyhow, I can tell by your photos that you are a superb photographer and your work is great! Thanks for posting!!!

Thanks, like your pictures, too and glad you keep posting.

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