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Re: Low light AF

Barry Stewart wrote:

Last poster says, "Auto focus is so much better in low light. (The E5 just totally smokes the 620 here)"

I've never touched an E-620 — but if the E-5 smokes the 620 in low light AF, the 620 must be an absolute dog.

My E-1 is far quicker than the E-5 in low light... because it has what no other Oly DSLR has: a focus assist beam. This is tremendously useful when using off-camera radio-slaved flash, or doing work where you don't want flash.

I should say, I only have the Mk1 14-54 & 40-150, ZD-50 and 50-200 SWD glass... but they are all useless in dim light on the E-5, unless I have my FL-50 to supply a focus assist beam. The 12-60 is purported to be great in dim light. I can't attest to that, though I have my doubts.

In good light, the E-5 is Oly's best in many ways. A complex beast, though... about like stepping out of a Camry and jumping into a Porsche.

Be sure that you need what the E-5 can give, as it is bulkier and heavier than the 620. You may enjoy the smaller form factor of the micro 4/3 cameras.

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Hey Barry

Then the 620 is a dog! Not allot of experience here and have only had a handful of DSLR's. Namely the 500,620 and now the E5.

Putting focusing speed aside, yes my E5 does way - Way, better in low light when it comes to getting a focal lock


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