Focus peaking with E-M5 firmware update?

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Re: Just copy the E-PL5 is good enough

Guy Parsons wrote:

SidSnot wrote:

Michael T wrote:

To me, the Myset is quite a mess. The on/off of selecting Myset is always confusing. Expect to see the 4 Myset can be renamed by user.

I have given up on Mysets totally - just not worth the hassle as they are at the moment...

Designed by a scientist and approved by someone who had never tried them before giving the tick...

If they copy the E-PL5 ability to map the MySets to any four unwanted Mode dial spots then that is a good thing, camera is always your setup when turn on or move mode dial to that spot. In my case when I get the E-PL5 I will create a new Mode dial top with MySets named on it and stick it over the existing. But internal re-naming the MySets would be sensible.

On my current E-PL1 there's only two MySets (called Reset 1 and Reset2) and even more awkward to use than later Pens, so I never use them. Quite a pain after coming from Panasonic LX3 with its nice C1 and C2 (plus C2-1,2,3) setup.

As I keep harping on, they should buy a Casio pocket camera and copy that method. The older Casios had the ability to add up to 999 custom setups to the Scene Modes, the latest ZR1000 model has now limited that to 12 custom setups but at their own mode dial spot. The beauty is that the custom modes can be saved to PC and restored easily (they live in internal memory). Using cheap third party BestMan software some more internal camera options can be accessed and also custom modes translated and transferred between various Casio camera models. Nice.

Regards.... Guy

I agree that the Myset presets  are not a handy tool..... in the way they exist now.

To easy forgetting which selections in which preset.

The Casio method sounds nice ....... it would be nice of Oly adding these handy comfort items.

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