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Skylane wrote:

Slynky, sorry I upset you. With a bit over 300 posts in 6 years I am a bit surprised to be called a troll. I simply disagreed with Schnapper's post (I see no point in analysing your voting to the final tally) and did not have the time for a full detailed reply. I bow to your greater experience and will provide a full justification for my disagreement in furture posts.

I would like to see the thumbs down come back, but it seem to really upset some people.

I was 27 years Navy, take it you were in the Air Force?

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The reason I am curious about how my rankings line up with the final tally rankings is I figure if there is a large enough sample size of voters, the final rankings should be reflective of the quality of the images.  If a lot of people like a particular image, then chances are that it has something going for it.  If I ranked that same image low, it's interesting to me to have another look at it and try to determine why I ranked it differently than the "general population" did.

If your point is, "there's no reason to care about how the final rankings turn out, as the voters don't have any qualifications of any kind so who cares how they voted", then my question is "why even enter the challenges in the first place?"  In my opinion, reviewing how the general population voted and how that compares to my voting gives me a better perspective what I like/don't like in an image.  Seeing how my tastes differ from the general population's gives me more insight into where my prejudices.  I don't have to change them in response to that insight, but it's good food for thought.

On thumbs down's in general what I don't get is, if you disagree with someone enough to "T/D" it, why not put into words your reasoning so people might see your point?  Just posting "T/D nt" in reply to a bunch of posts (as I see you did) doesn't seem very productive to me.  I think it would be more productive for you to spread yourself a little less thinly, and actually give a thoughtful response to one or two posts instead of just generally dissenting with a bunch of them.

Just my 2 cents worth on the subject of "thumbs down's".  And, AFAIK (as far as I know), T/D is not widely used "internet slang" for Thumbs Down... which is why I questioned what it means.

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