Digital photography disqualified :-(

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Hypocrsy of governing artist establishment

#1 print artist and painters do not have to use materials that are archival. And they don't.  A big museum had to repaint a kandinsky painting because the paint was flaking off. They recreated it using better technique and materials. Was it still a Kandinsky? I think not but they were not going to throw a multimillion dollar painting in the trash bin.

#2 Well known famous brand artist materials have had quality problems causing chipping flaking fading. Not saying that this was the cause of #1 he could have scrounged his materials while being a starving artist.

#3 A common restriction to photographs is no inkjet (Giclee) prints even though pigment inks are rated at 200 year and dye a 80 year life span. Go to any show and look at all the wet chemistry prints for sale that are rated at 30 year or less life span. The wet prints get by because they are confusing silver gelatin printing and wet color. There are of course dye tranfer,cibachrome and other forms that have various life spans but they single out inkjet unfairly.

#4 New emerging industry is painters photographing their work and selling numbered prints. No claims are usually made as to archival qualities. My take on the latter is that they are crap wet chemistry prints that are cheap to purchase and of questionable life span. One donated to local museum was printed on canvas. So the artist is getting his name out for low cost. Good for everyone?

#5 Mindset that painting is the only true artform all other arts are less. Photography is not considered an art and is craft or less. Yet Marcel du Camp could exhibit a urinal that he did not even make or design. Found art it was called and he was an artist for discovering it.

Jack kennedy explained it all when he said "life is unfair". At our local art fair a cityscape was exhibited, big buildings in the back ground and pedestrians crossing a street an artistic type wearing a shirt that said "art sucks" was the leader of the pedestrians. This was a large painting and quite well done. So I guess the battles go on and on no matter what your craft or art is.

Have been to the gallery in New Hampshire and it is a not to miss venue with the very best of everything, maybe now it is digital also.

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