Did Pentax brand was used by Pro photographers?

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Re: Did Pentax brand was used by Pro photographers?

Indeed they do!  I am a visual journalist and use Pentax for most of my stills and some video from time to time.  I've known a couple of other journalists with Pentax in the past.

Though Pentax is not anywhere near the top in the minds of pros, that does not mean they are not up to the task.  In my opinion, the main reason Canon and Nikon are at the top is that they have the high-spec SLRs made for sports and news coverage with the super lenses to support it and a proper professional service system.  If Pentax had all this in place a decade ago, then things may have been very different.

These days though, none of this really matters.  Technology has advanced to the point that the printed IQ of a entry level SLR and a top end SLR are virtually indistinguishable at anything under A3 print size.  I've had photos in newspapers from my point and shoot at a nice size with no complaints.

In the end, it comes down to the right tool for the job.  If you are shooting a football game at night, you want that D4 or 1D plus long 2.8 lenses for the shutter speed and AF.  If just shooting a car show then any decent point and shoot or smartphone camera will do.  I will never take out my 300mm unless I KNOW I need it for the job.  All cameras are good enough for print in news these days.  As for higher end jobs... Again, use the right tool for the job.

As for me, I am very satisfied with the results I get with Pentax.  The image quality from my K-5 is in no way any less impressive than the 1D or 5D series I worked with.  The lenses, while not as fast as Canon for focus speed, are more than good enough and give me a look that satisfies me far more than with other brands.  The designed for APSC and smaller size is a real advantage for me.  I love the slightly greater DOF and reach I have with the crop.  No issues for wide as all my lenses are made for crop.  The overall reduction in weight and size compared to other brands is wonderful.  Is this the best tool for the job?  Perhaps not for everyone, but it is for me as a working pro.

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