Why I'll be returnig the V1

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Re: Why I'll be returnig the V1

brownie314 wrote:

johnparas11zenfoliodotcom wrote:

for Thanksgiving I used my Nikon J1.. (I think same sensor with V1)..

on its own.. I thought the pics looked okay, but not superbly great but better than my point and shoot... but then my nephew who used his Nikon D700, and I saw similar pics like mine.. I thought the J1's Images I took from my J1..were so crappy..
..but if I did not compare..the IQ from my J1 are superb..

you must be joking. you want to compare a full frame camera (also one with a pretty good reputation for image quality) to a 1" sensor'd compact camera? Let me spoil the suspense for you - the full frame camera is going to MURDER the compact - I am talking 187! I have the J1. I also shoot the d7000. I took my two girls to the park today and I took the J1. The results were not that bad. The AF is quick, and image quality in good light does not suck. But do you know what quality I like best about the J1 vs. the d7000? I like that I got the pictures at all. Because if I did not have the J1 I would not be taking pictures. No way I pack up all of my children's gear and a large dslr at haul all of them to the playground. My wife would probably try to take some crappy pictures with her cell phone (no offense sweet heart - you try) - but the J1 will murder any cell phone!

I think you are the one joking or you misunderstood what I just wrote.. you and I are making the same point..

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