From engaged enthusiasts to plain gullible.

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Re: From engaged enthusiasts to plain gullible.

PhotoKhan wrote:

jayrandomer wrote:

The projected sales in the product-life cycle for a new lens in our days is multiple, multiple times that of a model launched back in 2002.

Even if design and production costs have marginally or moderately increased (...they can't have rocketed because the basic design and manufacture processes are evolutions, not radical departures from previous processes...), establishing such an huge mark-up for a new version of a sub-performing product can only be accounted to pure greed and the knowledge that the target market will be gullible enough to pay for it, no matter what.

Shame on Canon. Shame on us.

I can't argue about your conclusion that it's overpriced, but I don't quite get why "pure greed" is always the conclusion when something comes out more expensive than we want it to be. Canon isn't a not-for-profit camera collective, it's a company that is expected to pay its employees and make a profit for its investors.

Why would an entirely newly designed lens justify a premium of 30 to 35% over the previous model (70-200) and, just a couple of years later, a similar upgrade (...minus a newly designed IS, mind you... ) call for a 70 to 75% markup, except for the simple "we can get away with it" reason?.

the 24-70L 2.8 II had around a 5% markup over the MSRP of the original. same really with the 70-200L 2.8 IS. (24-70mm - 220,000Y to 230,000Y .. 70-200mm 280,000Y to 300,000Y)

it just so happened that you obviously don't realize that the lenses are actually made in Japan using a currency called the yen apparently and not the USD.

when you buy a new car - do you compare the sale price of an older model and state they jacked up the prices 200% against the new one?

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