@~%*! D800e live view - can anyone help?

Started Nov 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
Dan_168 Veteran Member • Posts: 6,812
Re: @~%*! D800e live view - can anyone help?

A Owens wrote:

Apart from being nearly unusable in poor light, the LV of my D800e locks up for over 10 seconds after taking a shot. Someone told me elsewhere (on another DPR thread I think) that this is normal when using slower cards. Is this true? I just got what I thought were some faster cards but they do not seem to have improved matters. Is it just me having this problem or do others have it too. Is there a workaround? What was Nikon thinking when they designed the LV implementation for this camera?
Alistair Owens

Yeah I heard you, as a dual system user and I found the D800E has by far the worst LV implementation among all Canon Nikon LV I have experienced so far, even the entry level Rebel has better LV implementation than the D800E.

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