Anyone use network storage for their photos for lightroom?

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Re: Anyone use network storage for their photos for lightroom?

Mark K W wrote:

ajy wrote:

pprior wrote:

You'll be lucky to get 40-50mb/sec speeds over wired network. This is easily less than 1/2 the speed you'll get with a local drive and even slower than that if you are running raid or a fast SSD or even modern fast HD.

Personally I can't STAND waiting when I'm editing and every bit of speed counts. No way I'd try and work a large lightroom session over ethernet, but maybe it will work for you.
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If the preview files are already generated and on the local hard drive and the raw files are on the network attached storage, is the speed over the network less of an issue then?

I have my RAW and CS5-processed images (psd, TIFF) on an 8TB NAS via Gigabit ethernet. LR4's catalog, preview, and ACR cache are on my local MacBook Pro 7200rpm 500GB HDD.

I would say it is a workable solution for high-end amateur (i.e. without too much time=money pressure or e.g. needing to work many 100s images/day).

My own images are 24MP compressed RAW, around 25MB each. A single-layer 16bit TIFF from that is around 150MB, and a multi-layer psd/TIFF with masks can get up in the 500MB-1GB region dependent on number of layers. Obviously the larger the file, the longer the open or save process takes, but for me with >5TB of images in total which I want network access to from a variety of devices as well as with a simple backup regime (another NAS on the GigE switch) it's the most optimum solution.

Just working on the 24MP regular RAWs retreived from NAS in LR in this fashion is not a problem - I guess between 1 and 3 seconds to render a RAW to sharpness on a 2560x1600 secondary display in LR4.2 in Develop module, and that delay is dominated more by LR4's processing delay for a dual-monitor set-up rather than the network transfer speed.

I can connect to the NAS via WLAN also (N), but doing that leaves things a little bit too slow, so I would say a wired GigE connection is more-or-less essential with my size of files. I am not using jumbo frames or any GigE tweaking either, so there's probably scope for further optimisation if I wanted.

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Mark W.

Thanks Mark W for your input, that's all helpful to know.  If I could follow up, when you mention that it takes 1-3 sec to render a raw file to sharpness on a secondary display, is this for a file where the preview has already been generated? Suppose it's a 1:1 preview.  How is the speed with navigating images stored on the NAS in the Library module?

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