samsung galaxy s3 smeary iq - just mine??

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Re: samsung galaxy s3 smeary iq - just mine??

sinc wrote:

Turn on the Anti-shake, and hold the phone steady.

Joesph T. Sinclair, Author, San Francisco Bay Area

Good thought, Joseph, but it made no difference.

Wll, I did have an Iphone and liked it well enough but it fell in the sea when I got washed out by a wave (another story).  I managed to save my Nex7, thank goodness, but the Iphone was sacrificed as they were in two different places.  (Incidentally the Nex7 copped a bit of sea water but it didn't hurt it at all, much to my pleased surprise).

When it came time to replace the Iphone I decided to go with android for the simple reason that I was over Itunes controlling everything.  I like being able to EASILY transfer files etc without having to either use Itunes or convoluted workarounds and no nonsense with not being able to do things because this isn't the computer your'e synced to etc.   It was nothing to do with camera quality, though camera quality did play a part in my choice of new phone .  Though unless it turns out I have a dodgy one, image quality on the Samsung appears hit and miss.  That doesn't sound at all right, so I am very hopeful that mine is not so good.

PS.  I think the Iphone / ipad thing is so weird. It's amost compulsive!  If I'd never had one, I'd always want one, though having had one and an Ipad, I would not buy them again.  EG on the Ipad you cannot put Word, it hasn't got Adobe Flash player because of some reason that eludes me, again there is that annoying syncing thing and addiction to Itunes. BUT if I'd never had them, I'd always want them!

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