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Re: A560 question

a1chuy560 wrote:

My A560 just started to not turn off the rear screen when I bring it up to my eye. Any one know how to fix this ? Thanks in advance for any help

Sounds like an issue with the eye sensor, the two little black rectangles below the viewfinder.

1. Make sure the eye sensor isn't blocked by anything(like an add on viewfinder magnifier)

2. Clean off the eye sensor

3. If you're still having the issue, your eye sensor may be faulty. You will have to send it in to Sony to get serviced.

There may also be a setting to disable the auto-shut-off function of the rear LCD, but I can't remember off hand. You can try resetting your settings in the menu, or doing a factory reset if that doesn't work.

To do a factory reset: Reset to defaults, shut off the camera, remove the battery, wait for a minute, put the battery back in, then restart the camera.

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