The question that has been asked many times but........

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Re: The question that has been asked many times but........

I'd take a step back from an particular model and go to a local camera store. Have your wife hold a few different models in her hands. Something that is small and basic, all the way up to a professional-level. See what she feels comfortable with. Is a 4/3 or a mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera more her style than a DSLR? Who knows!?

I know she might be uninterested in spending the time, but I'd also like to suggest the two of you take a photography class. Maybe something as simple as a weekend workshop. Or if you have a community college near by a summer semester class. It's a fun way to put some structure around the things she already knows subconsciously about how to take a good picture.

This isn't the most straight-forward answer, but I hope it helps to think of the things around the camera rather than the specific camera itself.

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